Electric Vehicle


Allegro is a three-wheeled electric vehicle, designed to provide transportation in small settlements such as islands for local people and visitors who want to explore the island. It provides an environment in which you can take the shape of the road, become free and feel the wind.

Where: Bozcaada Island, Canakkale, Turkey




Near-distance electric vehicle for transportation.

Service Design Proposal

Personal Mobility over Application

“My car, your car, our car”

Get Allegro over the stations. Get in touch with other people on the road, socialize and spend less. Experience the journey you longed for with a nature-friendly vehicle.

Get in touch with other people you do not know, get in the car, experience the journey together and pay less.

Charge your car at charging stations. Make your payment via mobile applications.

1 Luggage compartment

2 Electric Charging Part

3 Dashboard

4 Horizontal Suspension


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