The Land

Mardin is a special city on the northern Mesopotamia that is known as the cradle of civilization, under the influence of diverse cultures for thousands of years whose reflections are obviously apparent within the architecture of the city.

Mardin is built on the slopes of a rocky hill within Mesopotamia that is fed by The Tigris River and The Euphrates, is a mysterious city that has acted as the center for all different religions, cultures and beliefs throughout the history.

The Journey

As a designer, my journey to Mardin, Mesopotamia began with a desire of living here for a period of time. My curiosity to work here brought me in this magical and ancient land to explore the traditional handicrafts, meeting with local craftmen and working on new materials.

I wanted to re-interpret and translate the traditional language in Mardin with a basic and contemporary language. The inspiration of my design work consists of patterns, landscapes, stories, cultures and religions.

In this page you can see the process of my design studies consist of my visual inspirations and the way of working.


1 Local handicrafts & materials research.

2 Meeting with local craftmen and examine how they work with the material.

3 Visiting ateliers and a refugee camp in Midyat to see in which field they work and how. Unfortunately I couldn’t have the opportunity to work in ateliers of refugee camp.

4 Making research in the libraries of Mardin and Sakıp Sabanci Museum.

5 Finding a resource that describes the local tattoo symbols and stories in Mesopotamia.

6 Inspired by the symbol of life tree based on the history of ancient Mesopotamia.

7 Design process started. (sketching, 3d modelling, prototyping etc.)

8 Choosing Mardin limestone as a main material.

9 Production process is started in the stone atelier for the two parts of my object. The third part of my object made from copper by a local copper artisan in Mardin.

10 It is the time to digest the knowledge and inspiration I have gained until this time.

11 Bringing together all the information, texts and stories about the project.

12 Publishing!

A trip to stone atelier in Midyat.


Mardin Limestone took its name from the settlement of ancient Mardin city of 8000 years old. It is Mardin Limestone that makes Mardin city.

Due to its feature and beauty, Mardin Limestone is applied easily on the doors, windows, small columns and arches with rich and various patterns. Almost everything you see in the city is made from this natural stone.

I started to think of this stone, which is mostly used in architecture, as a new object and a product in a smaller scale. The main inspiration for my design work has been this Mardin Limestone’s potential and I started to work with this material.


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