The artist should not limit herself. The artist must be pierced by the universe.

Our body consists of things. We are just one of the dozens of patterns in the environment. And the artist investigate patterns, examine them.

Nature speaks, we listen and we watch it.

“Blinds” says Descartes “seeing with their hands”. The attitude of Descartes model is touch.

The artist amazed by the landscape and thinks about what makes her excited there. She catch the glimpses of nature. This is also the reason for other visitings to the nature. The artist has searched for something. Not knowing what she is looking for, but she goes into the unknown to find out what makes her so excited, what makes her body and feelings move. She has the curiosity of experiencing the same feeling again and again. There are a lot of things recorded.

with love,


Köroglu Mountains, Turkey, 2016

 patterns of nature [i-modelli-nella-natura] [uludag-turkey-2017]


Mixed technique.

investigating patterns and forms in the nature [indagando-i-modelli-e-le-forme-nella-natura] [karakayalar-turkey-2017]

investigating patterns and forms in the nature [indagando-i-modelli-e-le-forme-nella-natura] [l-amore] [dolomiti-italia-2018]


All film/digital images and drawings belong to me. Thank you for your interest.


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