Product Details

 A chair inspired by old-fashioned industrial style chairs, consummate with modern functions. Comfortable seating position, thanks to the swivel and adjustable height.

Technical Information

Length: 560 mm

Width: 470 mm

Seat Length: 430 mm

Seat Width: 400 mm

Max. Height: 680 mm

Min. Seat Height: 450 mm

Max. Seat Height: 550 mm



Iron – Hand Polished

Moulded Oak Plywood – Clear Acrylic Lacquer

Fabric – Felt


Designer Thoughts

There is great beauty in contrast, so when I designed Pipe I wanted to create something makes you feel strong, confident and playful. I also wanted to use elbow pipes as a main design element to combine the structure. Chairs have a strong character, while they also have a lot of story and a sense of living.


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